Anne Elise Wouters always has had a passion for dancing. As a little girl she could spend hours dancing on her mom’s viola music, in the livingroom, wearing her princess dress. She started doing different dance classes such as ballet and streetdance.

As a teenager she joined her highschool’s Theatre & Dance Program, in which she was trained in a wide range of dance styles and perofming multiple times a year in special show cases and theatre productions.

It was during her high school years she followed different workshops in salsa dancing, when she noticed this was the style she loved the most. She decided to start taking classes on a weekly basis, which quickly went to multiple times a week, joining different showteams and performing nationally and abroad.

At Amsterdam University she decided to go on a Global Exchange Program, in which she could chose herself where in the world she wanted to study for 5 months. The choice was easy: she packed her bags and left for New York City, the world capital of dance. After taking classes of different teachers in the city, she joined Yamuleé Dance Company as an official team member, because their work ethic and drivenness spoke to her.

For a total of 4 years now she has been training and developing herself at Yamuleé Dance Company to become the strongest salsa dancer, instructor and performer she can be, to be able to share her knowledge, techniques and love for salsa dancing with the whole wide world.

To connect the salsa dancing world with eachother, she has started the online community Traveling Salsa Dancer. On this website she shares her experiences of social dancing, performing, teaching and taking classes all over the planet to inspire other dancers to do the same.

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