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About me

My name is Anne and I'm 24 years old. I'm born & raised in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I'm currently living in New York city as an exchange student, following classes at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, of the bachelor's degree called Visual Arts & Technology. What I love doing most is creating beautiful stuff and dancing. Next to this I have a big love for different cultures and traveling (and chocolate ofc).

Because of my broad interests, I choose to enroll myself in two different bachelor studies at the moment. I’m a Communication & Multimedia Design student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, learning how to create websites and applications by graphics and programming, and how to solve problems in a creative way. I also started studying Italian Language & Culture at the University of Amsterdam because I have a special love for this country. I’m fortunate to visit my uncle in the city Biella (near Milan) at least once a year.

I see myself as a driven, determined person. If I really want something, I do anything to make that happen. Working hard for a certain goal that I want to achieve, is something i strongly believe in. I'm eager and not afraid to make mistakes. I believe that that's the key to learn and to develop.

designer & developer



Music Player Design

Graphic design for a mobile music player

This design was inspired by old vintage record players. The assignment was to design a smartphone music player, in a style that would refer to a certain artist. I designed the music player in the typical style of iTunes' visual interface, so the way of using it will be recognisable, like a design pattern. I started with sketches, drawing old record players I found on the internet. After that I designed the music player in Photoshop using gradients to create depth. The pattern in the background I created myself.

Inspiration moodboard

Process of the design

Selfmade vintage pattern for the background

Final design


Menu list Design

Graphic design for a mobile menu list

This design was inspired by my one and only love: chocolate. We had to design a menu card for mobile use, deciding ourself what it was going to be about. I started with a moodboard, inspired by different shades of brown and light-pink to make it cute. First I wanted to make the whole design look like a chocolate bar. After trail and error I noticed this didn't work. So I used a basic icon of a chocolate bar as background for the 'hamburger menu' in the left up corner. I made up some fitting titles for the menu items and worked out the details to create a nice overall look & feel.

Inspiration moodboard

Process of the design

Final design


RuLo Website

Designed and coded website for the company RuLo Aannemingsbedrijf

'RuLo Aannemingsbedrijf' is a construction company located in Wassenaar, a city in the Netherlands. With this website, they wanted to highlight their portfolio of past projects, their broad range of services, and their machine rental offerings. I sifted through a large number of their photos in order to best represent and portray their wide breadth of services.

Visit website:RuLo Aannemingsbedrijf


Sintesis Nairobi website

Designed and coded website for the Kenyan dance school called Sintesis Nairobi

'Sintesis Nairobi' is a dance school for salsa, bachata and kizomba dancing, founded by Ronald Pieters. He wanted to be able to update the website with the newest dance classes, events, and information about the teachers himself. I choose for a WordPress back-end system so he could do this, whenever and wherever he wanted. I coded my own template for this website. It was also important for him that visitors could enroll themselves for the newsletter; that form is front and center on the homepage.

Visit website:Sintesis Nairobi

Header picture design


Hekstra website

Designed and coded website for the company Hekstra

This website is for 'Hekstra Vastgoed', a real estate company that sells houses in Amsterdam. The website's main goal is to provide information about the company. Because they didn't want any special features, I chose to create a one page website that would provide a clear overview, with a feeling of the Amsterdam atmosphere, but still have a "business-y" touch.

Visit website: Hekstra Vastgoed


Café des Chansons website

Designed and coded website for the music ensemble Café des Chansons

'Café des Chansons' is a musical ensemble, consisting of two violins, a viola, a cellist and a singer. They cover old French songs and make beautiful new arrangements. They had a lot of different pictures that they wanted to be used on the website. For this reason, I choose to keep the colors simple, so the pictures would come out more and stronger.

Visit website: Café des Chansons

let's talk


You can contact me through e-mail, phone, text-messages or Whats App. I'm always in for a chat and I like to hear about your ideas for an application, website, interactive installation or just to discuss the meaning of life :)

Whats app: +31 6 15524812
Phone: +1 (347) 684 9909