Anne Elise Wouters

Salsa Dancer, Instructor & Performer


Anne Elise Wouters always has had a passion for dancing. As a little girl she could spend hours dancing on her mom’s viola music, in the livingroom, wearing her princess dress.

As a teenager she joined her highschool’s Theatre & Dance Program, in which she was trained in a wide range of dance styles and perofming multiple times a year in special show cases and theatre productions.

During these teenage years she noticed that salsa was the style she loved the most. She decided to take classes on a weekly basis, which quickly went to multiple times a week, joining different showteams and performing nationally and abroad.

At Amsterdam University she participated in the Global Exchange Program, in which she could chose herself where in the world she wanted to study for 6 months. The choice was easy: she packed her bags and left for New York City, the world capital of dance. After taking classes of different teachers in the city, she joined Yamuleé Dance Company, because their work ethic and drivenness spoke to her.

For 4 years she has been trained and developed herself at Yamuleé Dance Company to become the strongest salsa dancer, instructor and performer she can be, to be able to share her knowledge, techniques and love for salsa dancing with the whole wide world.

Events & Classes

Teaching On2 Body Movement for Ladies & Gents in Amsterdam

A weekly workshop at Extremos Salsa Dance School in Amsterdam. Every Tueday 21:15 at Club 8. Sign up through the Extremos website

Body Movement & Styling in Amsterdam

Teaching 2 workshops in Body Movement & Styling for Ladies & Gents in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Ladies Styling in Connecticut, USA

Teaching a Lady Styling Workshop at the Latin Rhythm Dance Studio in Stratford, Connecticut, USA.

Ladies Styling at Yamuleé Studio, New York City, USA

Teaching Lady Styling & Body Movement at Yamuleé Studio in the Bronx, New York, USA.

Mini Course Body Movement for Ladies, Amsterdam

Teaching a 4-Week Mini Course Lady Styling & Body Movement at in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Bajari de Yamuleé @ Las Chicas Locas, New York City, USA

Salsa showteam Bajari de Yamuleé at Las Chicas Locas event with the fan favorite show Ritmo de mi Cuba by Celia Cruz. 


Anne Elise Wouters @ Dutch Afro Latin Dance Championship, The Netherlands

Anne Elise Wouters competing at the Dutch Afro Latin Dance Championship (DALDC) in the Female Solo Division.

With personal introduction and comments from the judges at the end.

Bajari de Yamuleé @ YAMULEÉ SOCIAL, BRONX, USA

Bajari de Yamuleé performing at their monthly dance studio social, with the show Bailala.

RV Sintesis @ Salsa Madhouse de Kuip Stadium, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

RV Sintesis, directed by Ronald Pieters and Vivenne Vicente, performance at De Kuip Stadium in Rotterdam.


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